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What change do you want to see?

Hi members - We're asking for your thoughts & opinions today... As you know Central Coast Council elections are drawing near and as business people, we have a once in four-year opportunity to see a change of councillors in our council. The Chamber Committee and I hear every day from business people in the [...]

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The 2018 Business Awards Where Local Business Shines!

We had an amazing name night on Saturday celebrating the Central Coast Business Awards. We were inspired by Royce Fairbrother to make mistakes and learn from them but also plan what we want for our future in business. Thank you to all attended and for those that did not come we missed you but [...]

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President’s Report September 2018

Hi Folks I'm writing this President's Report the day before our 2018 Business Awards, so I can only make comment on the awards preparations and then you no doubt have witnessed or heard about the night itself, which I'm sure, barring any disasters was a success. Yolande has worked extensively on this as a [...]

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