What is the Chamber ?

Central Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a voluntary partnership of business and professional people working together to Build Better Business which in turn will, grow our economy and enhance our communities life style.

As your Chamber works to accomplish its goals, it deals with many business and community related matters, is a spokesperson for business and business information providers covering the six forums, these being Retail, Tourism and Hospitality, Business and Professional, Rural and Agricultural, Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction and Training, Education and Job Support Services. The organisation will liaise with Local, State and Federal Governments, provide human resource information support and workplace related information.

Who are Chamber Members ?

Chamber members are business organizations and individuals concerned with the economic and social climate of the North West Tasmania, Central Coast area and community. They promote a united body so there is a combined voice which has greater impact and increases the chance to achieve our common goals.

What are the Objects of the Chamber ?

The Chamber aims to promote and protect the existing trade, commerce lifestyle and to welcome new environmentally friendly development in the whole of the Central Coast municipal area.
To achieve a representative of each and every profession, business, industry and community based organization in the whole Central Coast municipal area.
To assist and promote the growth and development of a network system and infrastructure that will maximize the quality and productivity of the members for the betterment of the whole Central Coast municipal area.

What are the activities of the Chamber ?

The activities of the Chamber will reflect the needs of the community. The Management Committee will generally determine which activities should be undertaken and members will put those initiatives into action. There is no permanent staff so these activities are undertaken by the Management Committee and the members, in time taken out of their own business.

How does the Chamber Accomplish These Activities ?

Chamber achieves its goals by:

  • Having specific goals and objectives designed to meet the needs of their members.
  • Having an organizational structure with rules a required by the Associations Incorporations Act.
  • Having involved and dedicated leaders who are well informed and are willing to use their time and talent to accomplish meaningful activities.
  • Having informed interested and willing members to work with the members and community.
  • Acting as a business watchdog group to protect, defend, and grow the business, economic and social base of our unique community in a manner that enhances the lifestyle of¬† our community at large.


Members are Industry and Service Based Businesses

These include:
Building and all related services, rural industries, beef, dairy, aquaculture, timber, horticulture, vineyards, professional artists, retail, services, professional services, cafes, clubs, tourism, manufacturing, motor vehicles, bikes vehicle related services, health, alternative medicine, education facilities including vocational education and training, furniture manufacture, confectionary manufacture, several export industries and web site development and hosting services.

The Advantages for Your Businesses

Your membership to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is essential in presenting your point of view and maintaining balance in the free enterprise system. Chamber of Commerce membership gives access to a range of resources, with direct exchange of trade information, up to date reviews of wages and employment issues, changes to tax laws and insurance information, access to business training, seminars and international trade shows.

By being a member and being involved in this network you can improve your business opportunities.
If your goal is to serve your customers you will have the chance to increase your customer base by being a member and being involved.
By being a member you have access to a network of other business people working to the benefit of each other in the Central Coast municipal area.