12 June 2019
Att News Editors, Produces & Chambers of Commerce
Media Release

Chambers Response to TasWater Media Release 11 June 2019

May I draw your attention to a press release from TasWater which came about from our meetings with TasWater last week.

I wanted to acknowledge Lance Stapleton, and Bennie Smith from TasWater for their listening ear and quick action in responding to the combined Chambers calls for a look at issues around trade waste and their impact on local businesses.

In exactly one week from our meeting, they have upon our recommendation set up a helpline, put on new specialist staff and embarked on creating new educational material which will explain exactly what businesses need to do in regards to new requirements for the handling of trade waste.

They have acknowledged that there has been some confusion and anxiety among businesses in North West and that they are taking measures to simplify their communications and work individually with local businesses if they have concerns about trade waste requirements.

This means that they are listening to local businesses concerns and have committed to working through the issues with business owners, landlords and real estate agents.

If businesses have concerns or are unclear on what the requirements are, all they need to do is to contact the Tradewaste Helpline on 64225444.

We commend TasWater on this customer-centric approach and encourage them to use all available resources to reduce the friction and impact of these new requirements on local businesses.

Nathan Kelly
Central Coast Chamber Of Commerce
ph 0488661355