Hi members – We’re asking for your thoughts & opinions today…

As you know Central Coast Council elections are drawing near and as business people, we have a once in four-year opportunity to see a change of councillors in our council.

The Chamber Committee and I hear every day from business people in the region about how out of touch the Council appears to be with the real needs and issues of businesses in the region.

But rather than continue to talk about “what’s wrong with council”, the Chamber committee and I want to put forward the MOST IMPORTANT issues for business to each councillor as they stand for election this time around.

Here’s where you come in today

Would you take a few moments today, to send me an email about the top four issues (business related) that you have with Council?

This only needs to be just four issues, one paragraph (or so) for each issue. For example Parking, Red Tape, Zoning, Planning, Maintenance, Vision, Development, Grease Traps etc…

Please highlight the issue, not particular people.

The committee will be meeting tomorrow night (Wednesday 26th) to collate these issue into the TOP TEN Issues and we will present these to prospective councillors in an upcoming forum which you will be invited to attend.

Please note:

There is a good number of candidates standing for election. We want to ask them what they will do to (if elected) to promote & support businesses on the Central Coast?

We need intelligent, outspoken leaders in the Council who will stand up for the rights of business people in Council decisions & policies.
We’re calling for real change and a pro-business council who has a strong vision & plan for the economic future of the Central Coast.

Would you support us in calling for change at a Council level?

Email me now with your issues…

Nathan Kelly