President Message:

Accepting an invitation, I attended the release of the Cradle Coast Authority’s visionary blueprint for Cradle Mountain at a public function held in Devonport recently.

At last, we have a well-investigated and structured plan that seeks to provide a much better interaction for the visitor to Cradle Mountain whilst preserving the unique wilderness environment.

The Cradle Mountain Masterplan can be viewed on their website and I urge all members and those of the broader Chamber community to familiarise yourself with the CCA’s vision for Cradle Mountain and its environs.

The Masterplan also includes a Frequently Asked Questions presentation, a YouTube visual overview and there is an opportunity for us all to provide feedback.

From a personal perspective, I am strongly supportive of the process that has been adopted with the Cradle Mountain Masterplan. The documents available on the CCA’s website allow anyone to observe and understand that the plan has already benefited from a collaborative industry and government initiative between partner organisations and an expert advisory team.

As with any development, there are expectations of increased visitors, and more visitor nights and other spin-offs that could provide a fiscal injection of about $30 million into the regional and Tasmanian economy. Importantly, there are job opportunities during and post construction, the need for more hotel rooms and all the multiplier effects that flow from such a project.

A key component of the plan is the construction of a Cable Way that will provide all weather and mobility access to Dove Lake. I like this approach and it has a greater affinity with the environment and in no way should it be confused with the proposal for a cable car up Mount Wellington.

Once again, the North-West can design and propose infrastructure development that will ensure that Cradle Mountain is a site of world significance and with internationally recognised natural and cultural heritage.

And, at the end of the day, it is for the economic benefit of all us on the North West of Tasmania!

At our Committee meeting on March 17, it was agreed that the Chamber would provide “in-principle” support for the Cradle Mountain Master Plan. As usual I welcome input from members.

Ian locke – Chamber President