Dear Committee members, Chamber members & friends.

With an election on March the 3rd and an exciting business year ahead of us all, your Chamber has been busy discussing how we can further build a strong business community in our region by organising some awesome events for you this year.

Our focus this year is on building relationships within the business community.  These relationships already exist, but what if we all caught up a little more often over a beer and some socialising and worked together toward the common good? We want to be known as a strong business community which is known for our ability to get things done in our region.

We want to become a visible and effective business community which can attract and retain the right projects, talent and good productive families to our region,

Not content with just facilitating meetings where we talk about what we “could” do, this year, the focus of your Chamber is on creating great events and projects which bring all our Central Coast businesses together to socialise and take action on initiatives which push us all forward.

2018 Political Forum

Already this year we have held our political forum where our Braddon politicians faced our members to say what they would be doing for businesses in our region in the coming four years.

The good news is that your committee have strong relationships with all candidates and we can call on them at any stage to sit down with our members if they have any issues. If you need an appointment with your local member, we can help to facilitate this on your behalf.

Clean up Australia Day

Our next project will be on the 4th March and as a group, we will be out there cleaning up our region. This event will give us a chance to get to know one another in a social setting as well as show the rest of the community that local business owners care deeply about our community and environment.

Please come and join us on that important day.

Social events for business people.

Everyone likes a night out and a chance to socialise with friends, so this year the Chamber will be hosting and partnering with other groups to hold some social events. This will help us to get to know you and new business people who are coming to our region.
Come and have a drink and something to eat and join in the fun.

Dates released soon…

A special business/community project

We can’t say too much just yet, but we have been working behind the scenes on a great project with some local partners which could really change the face of local businesses in our region.

We know that the Central Coast has so much to offer and this project could really help to attract people to our towns and business, so as we work on this with our partners a bit more we will keep you posted.

Watch this space!

Working together for the common good.

I know its a cliche, but if we honestly work together we can make this region even better than it already is. This year we will be working in partnership with our sponsors, other community groups and individuals to build a strong and cohesive business community.

It’s about partnership, not acting alone which will help us all reach our business and community goals,

So why don’t you join us in 2018 and start to attend our events and see what we are up to? You’re an important part of our community and we want you to step up this year and join in the fun of building our collective futures in the Central Coast

Call me anytime to see what we are up to.

Kind regards,

Nathan Kelly
President & Chief Cheerleader
Central Coast Chamber of Commerce & Industryph 0488 661 355