President’s Report AGM 2018.

It’s been twelve months since I was appointed as President of our Chamber and to be honest when I joined all I knew at the time is that I wanted to be involved in our community. As a new arrival the into Tasmania the Chamber was a good opportunity to meet people and I’ve been delighted by your reception here. In fact, the Central Coast community has not just welcomed me but my whole family also. So to those who have extended their friendship to us we want to thank you.

The Chamber’s mission

The Chamber’s mission is to “be a vibrant network supporting and promoting the Central Coast business community” and I think that we are accomplishing our mission but I also think that we can do more.

We have worked on vibrancy

You have to agree that in the last twelve month’s the Chamber has become more active, visual & vibrant. We have lifted our online presence but also our direct involvement with our members & the community.

Our event attendance has grown and so has the comments and enthusiasm of those who attend. The Party at the lodge is a shining example. 130 people graced our event but I think free drinks, food and entertainment may have something to do with that!

However it’s more than that, I’ve seen our team become more engaged and grow closer as friends and serve our Chamber in a stronger way this year also. A huge thank you for your time, commitment and enthusiasm.

We’re continuing to promote

We stepped up in the areas of online marketing, social media and many appearances in the mainstream media including the Advocate, Examiner, Mercury and even The Australian newspapers. Our Chamber was also represented on the ABC and WIN news broadcasts and online content. Our chamber represented nationally this year thanks to the Braddon By Election and our opinion was courted by Federal & State politicians.

At a local level, we planted posters all over our towns, spoke with shop owners, recommended our member’s business and talked up the value of our Chamber and local businesses wherever we could. As a committee, you answered the call to walk the streets many times to promote our events, for that we thank you. We are fast gaining a reputation that if you want something promoted on social media, give it to the Chamber.

We’ve been supportive

We’ve also been a support to our members and other community groups. Our members attended and were involved in many community events, the stand out being the 7Day Makeover where our members were the most involved of any other group despite it being in the EOFY week.

However, we also went to bat for the Dial Blyth Irrigation scheme members, talked with Council on our member’s behalf and were a major contributor to the Chamber alliances #voteforsmallbusiness campaign. In this event alone over 60,000 voters in Braddon viewed our small business campaign material.

On a personal note, I know for a fact that many of our committee members have provided a listening ear to local business owners during a few rough spots during the year Some of whom faced business closures and personal challenges. Our Coffee with the Chamber was a good avenue to provide a place to build relationships within the Chamber also.

Where to from here?

Every event, decision and action which we make this year must align with our values.

I am delighted to see committee members becoming more excited and to see new people being added to our team. With this new momentum, I would like to see each of our committee and helpers being more involved as we carry out the mission of the Chamber.

In this new year, we will be more purposeful, more effective and more passionate about our mission

In real terms, this means we will be:

  • Mission-driven
  • Having shorter – sharper committee meetings.
  • Setting direct goals & accountability for outcomes
  • Spending more time engaging with members.
  • Having more drinks & laughs at our events.
  • Each committee being more engaged
  • Working as a team

Some Big Thank You’s

This Chamber has changed over the last 12 months and its taken people to make that happen.

First of all, I think you all for your patience in allowing me to take on and learn the ropes in a new role & new community.

I also want to thank:

  • Ian Locke – our previous President
  • Kate While – our previous Promotions officer
  • Simone Dobson – for doing our books & helping with the finances

Our Executive

  • Jacki Martin – Our Secretary who will be stepping up to Vice President
  • John DeJong – Our Treasurer and Elle De Jong for letting him out at night.
  • Robert Tucker – Our Vice President for your service. (Robert will stay on the Committee)

Our Committee who will be leaving us

  • Janice Archie – thank you for your service & specialised cooking & hospitality skills.
  • Ashely Maritz – thank you for your service & never ending anecdotes, and entertainment.

Our Committee who will be staying on

  • Stephen Dutton – thanks for getting involved with Penguin
  • Ben Hiscutt – thanks for your local expertise & barman skills
  • Ben Parsons – thank you for your local contacts & the new Lodge venue
  • Chris Whitelaw – thanks for your guiding & willingness to serve as Secretary in 2018/19
  • Howard Smith – for your willingness to attend events on our behalf & make money on raffles

Helper for our events

  • Tanya Dunnings – your catering expertise & support from Goodstone group
  • Tracy Kelly – thanks for your help with events & catering

Promotions Officer

  • Yolanda Vandenberg – a BIG thank you for your expertise & support during this year. Your willingness to go above the call of duty has been amazing.

Special Mentions

  • Leonie Hiscutt – your support, advise & printing of our promotional poster
  • Councilor John Bloomfield – for being our Council Representative
  • Mayor Jan Bonde – for your support of our Chamber
  • Sandra Ayton – for your support & communication with our Chamber


To all of our valued sponsors, we want to thank you for your financial support but also for attending and supporting our events. Without each of you, we would not have the finances to support our members with events & services.

Our Membership

Without our members, the Chamber would not exist or have a purpose. Thank you for your financial support and for attending our events throughout the year. If there is anything we can do for you during this new financial year all you need to do is ask.

Final thoughts

In the new season of the Chamber, I am excited to work as a team to improve on our ability to meet our objectives. I believe that we can build on the momentum we have seen and that together we can continue to be a vibrant network supporting and promoting the Central Coast business community”

Kind regards,

Nathan Kelly (President)

Central Coast Chamber of Commerce & Industry

ph 0488 661 355