As a local business owner running several businesses across the state and mainland, I know the pressure business owners are under and how important it is that we have the support of our family & community in times of stress.
One of the reasons that our committee is working extraordinarily hard on building a strong & vibrant business community is because not only does our region’s future depend on it but also business owners mental health does also.
This month our team has been working on a great event to get us all together socially but more than that our efforts are going into providing support for our members.
It’s called “Party at the Lodge” and really it’s an excuse to get everyone together in the region to connect for the first time or
re-connect with those that you know well.
It’s aimed at providing a friendly place to come and relax with other business people from the region and let your hair down a little.
It’s a FREE Event which is open for members and non-members alike.
You can book a ticket here >>>
If you prefer smaller crowds and to connect over a coffee we put on a weekly coffee event on a Monday Morning. It’s called “Coffee with the Chamber and its all about creating friendships with your fellow business people.
Coffee with the Chamber is on every Monday morning at The DepoT Food Co in Ulverstone from 8am till 9am.
Relationships are key to growing a sustainable business but they are are also vital to your wellbeing. As we grow the Chamber of Commerce this year, while we will be focusing on representing business to council and government and making sure that your voice is heard, we also want to focus on supporting you, the business owner or staff member.
Life is too short, to feel isolated and alone if you need someone to chat to about your business or you would like to make a few more connections with your business community, just reach out and ask, we’re here to help.
If you need immediate help for stress or depression talk to a loved one or read some helpful information at
Kind regards,
Nathan Kelly
President & Chief Cheerleader
Central Coast Chamber of Commerce & Industry
PH 0488 661 355