As we have just had our AGM last week, this will be a very brief report for the month and will cover some changes in the way we run committee meetings. We will discuss this tonight at our monthly meeting.

The Chamber’s mission

The Chamber’s mission is to “be a vibrant network supporting and promoting the Central Coast business community” and going forward we will focus on this & it will be our measuring stick for all Chamber discussions & actions.


1. Please prepare for meetings by doing the pre-reading of the minutes & reports. You will receive all documents by COB the second Monday of each month to your email. (ie the Monday before the meeting)

2. At all meetings, your comments and opinions should always remain on agenda items and will be presented briefly to the committee with the order and timing to be directed by the chairperson. This will keep the meetings on time & respectful for all other committee members.

3. If you do have general business to be discussed at the monthly meeting please forward your prepared topic (max 500 words) to our Secretary by COB on the first Friday of each month and it will be added to the agenda. We will no longer take General business from the floor, however, we will allow time for your ideas & comments before we close the meeting.

4. Once your report has been read the chairperson will open the floor for discussion on the issues and gauge by a show of hands if this is a topic/ issue/opportunity the Chamber committee would like to act upon.

If it’s a yes, the person who raised it will be responsible to coordinate with the executive and promotions office in implementing the necessary steps. If its a no, the committee member may continue to use email to canvas support during the next month and add it to the agenda again via the secretary.

Please Note:

The spirit of these procedures is to make the Chamber more effective in taking action than just talking in circles about issues. We respect your time & commitment to the Chamber so we want to make sure that important issues are dealt with & managed effectively.

It is not intended to quash our lively debates & freedom of opinion which our Chamber enjoys, just to direct our energy more effectively.

Let’s all pre-read the reports & documents, communicate via email outside of meeting time, so that we can move quickly & effectively through the agenda, leaving plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company or move to other events or get home on time.

At all times, we need to ask ourselves, “are will fulfilling the Chambers mission which is to “be a vibrant network supporting and promoting the Central Coast business community”

We will discuss this new procedure at tonight’s meeting which is at 7 pm. 7 Dyson’s lane.

Many Thanks

Nathan Kelly

(Chamber Pres)

Ph 0488 661 355