With the year well and truly back in the swing of things, the Chamber is also back in action.
I’m very grateful to the renewed positive attitudes shown at our last meeting to commit some more time and effort to our roles, including formalising what each of you wants to do into a little more formal process.
This simply means
1. Writing out a short proposal of the project which you feel the Chamber should be pursuing and playing your part for making this happen.
2. With the entire team having time to read this submission prior to the meeting (send it to Chris), we should be able to discuss your project/issue, ask some questions and do some quick research is needed.
4. From here Benny has offered to write some press releases for us and if the group decide it’s
appropriate, you might write a quick draft letter for consideration by the council or other stakeholders.
As discussed at our last meeting, letter writing and press releases are a great starting place to take up and represent local business needs so let’s all commit to making this happen this year.
Based on our recipient’s responses, we can always attend meetings or migrate to other committees like some of our members are currently doing to follow through the issues and projects we raise.
Promotions Officer
I have to sing out and say what a great job Yolande is doing. It feels to me like our events, social media and events are running themselves but I know while she makes them look effortless. She’s also got a drivers manual in the works should she ever leave us for a better job and has been busy organising databases and the way we do things in our Chamber – Thanks, Yolande!
Additional Sponsors
Jacki and I have been busy looking into additional sponsors and we are pleased to announce that Perfecta will be coming on soon and we will have other meeting set up soon with there larger business in the region
International Women’s Day Breakfast
We have breakfast at Windows on Westella on the 8th (Next week) and a great local speaker and our normal fun and frivolities, so I hope you can join us for that one,
I will be away for our next meeting but back up for this breakfast, so I’ll see you all then.
Appreciate you all…
Nathan Kelly
President – CCCC&I
Ph 0488661355