This month our focus has been on the media and getting our members views and important topics out there for discussion.

Alarmingly the ABC tried to do a beat story about Ulverstone’s failing retail sector and like a dog on a bone the presenter would not give up trying to start a scare campaign on local conditions here in town.

Fortunately, armed with the right statistics and some alternative information I was able to leave the viewers with something more positive to mull over and Martyn Agatyn from Sea FM / 7AD was very supportive of local Chambers and the help which exists on our region.

According to the NAB business confidence report, Tasmania has the highest business survival rates to 5 years, currently sitting at 50% instead of the nation’s average of 40%. We also have a growing economy and confidence is high, especially in industry, tourism and agriculture.

We will always have pockets in each industry and individuals who are not “feeling the love” of the reported conditions but from a statistical view at least, things are looking good.

Where we can help as Chamber Members

I believe that the numbers back up that Tasmania is beginning to enjoy some “good times” as we call them but that does not account for businesses who are on a natural decline or operators who may lack the understanding or have some knowledge gaps.

As a Chamber, we are in a unique position of having Switch Tasmania in our front yard who are funded to help businesses with real “how to” assistance, with some very experienced staff who are more than willing to help wherever they can.

It’s also my view that the Department of State Growth and Business Tasmania have great programs and I would encourage you to downplay any negative talk and to encourage people towards these funded assistance options or to other local business advisors which come with great reputations.

We are in for some good economic conditions, we need to encourage people with this and to provide whatever assistance we can in our roles.

Business Growth Strategy 2019 – 2023

The TCCI, Tasmanian Small Business Council and Tasmanian Government have released the 2019 – 2023  Business Growth Strategy.

I encourage you to all read this prior to our meeting tomorrow and we can discuss some upcoming opportunities and issues which may arise from this. I for one feel that its a great commitment from our Government and gives some good outline for issues which we can hold them accountable to see through.

You can read the report here!

The BIG Election

We are of course an A political organisation but very soon we will be drawn into all of the arguments, points of view and election promises. It will be hard sometimes to tell what is what and possibly very easy to run off with what the news reports or when someone shares an opinion.

Let’s be careful to be factual in what issues or opinions we back as a Chamber in this election and to support and promote business wherever we go.

A Vote for Small Business

I’ve met with the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce Alliance last week and indicated our group’s willingness to participate in another “vote for small business” campaign.

We will take their lead and use their marketing dollars and collateral to stay A political and just back the issues and promises which favour small business in our region.

This campaign will start to flow in the coming weeks and once again the Three Chambers will stand side by side in the media, looking for the best results possible for our members, no matter who promises to deliver them.

Thanks for helping to promote & support Central Coast Business,

Appreciate you all…

Nathan Kelly

President CCCC&I

Ph 0488661355