Dear Chamber committee and members.

As our last meeting was delayed due to Easter and Anzac Day this report comes hot on the heels of the last one. However, there is much to report and the news is all positive and I’m delighted to let you now that the Chamber has once again been active in promoting and supporting our local businesses this month.

TasWater – From major issue to a positive solution
As most of you will know TasWater has been in a season of change over recent years and some of this change has impacted small businesses across the state.
We’ve seen these changes contribute to the anxiety felt by small businesses when they were asked to comply with stringent conditions in relation to wastewater and grease traps.
In a meeting today the team from TasWater were very understanding of the plight of local businesses and informed us that they are aware of these widespread issues and are working on a new plan to assist their customers.
While I can’t go into details on what they will be enacted in coming weeks, I can say that they are committed to fixing issues wherever they can and to winning back the trust of their customers.
I will leave TasWater to make their announcements but I believe that they will be good for businesses, especially smaller businesses in our region and I’m very pleased with this positive outcome for our local small businesses.

Calling for a New President & Committee
Over the last two years I have enjoyed (well mostly lol) my role as president of the Chamber and now that we have a new momentum I would very much like to invite nominations for all positions on the committee including President, Vice President and committee members. If you would like to stand for any of the positions on the Chamber this year please come along to our AGM on the 5th July – see Website or Social Media Page for Details.

Please Become a Sponsor of Our Chamber

As a committee member, president and a sponsor of the Central Coast Chamber of Commerce I can attest to the great community which we have been a part of. I would also like to invite YOU to become a sponsor for at least the next 12 months and to get in touch with Yolande via our media streams to chat about the costs and benefits of sponsorship.
I also would like to thank all of our current sponsors for their contribution over the years as without our sponsors we simply would not exist.
So when you become a sponsor you enable us to represent local businesses and to have their needs heard and respond to. Take TasWater as an example, it’s our sponsors and volunteers who made this representation possible, bringing the needs of local businesses to their management group and we can see today’s meeting being a benefit for so many people in our region.

We’ve seen this time and time again where the Chamber is able to help our local businesses when they need it and that’s why I would like to ask your business for sponsorship today.
Help us to promote and support businesses in our region…

We can’t do it without you.

Yours faithfully,

Nathan Kelly
Central Coast Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Ph 0488661355