Well, it’s official we have a new council for the next 4 years!

Congratulations to:


  • Jan Bonde (Mayor)
  • Gary Carpenter (Deputy Mayor)


  • John Bewick
  • Amanda Diprose
  • Cheryl Fuller
  • Casey Hiscutt
  • Annett Overton
  • Tony Van Rooye
  • Philip Viney

In the run up to the elections, the Chamber called for a greater focus on promoting and supporting business and we’re looking to work more closely with the new council towards this aim.

The important thing to remember that we are all working towards the good of our region and that we are all giving of our time for this cause. So let’s work together, create a better understanding of our collective aims and continue to make the Central Coast the best place to be.

In the coming months and into early next year, I would like to see how the Central Coast Council and Camber can work better together to promote & support business in our region.

We can brainstorm some ideas on this in the coming meetings and find a constructive way forward.

Enjoy the warm weather,

Nathan Kelly
Chamber President