Hi Folks

I’m writing this President’s Report the day before our 2018 Business Awards, so I can only make comment on the awards preparations and then you no doubt have witnessed or heard about the night itself, which I’m sure, barring any disasters was a success.

Yolande has worked extensively on this as a concentrated campaign and I will back her efforts, dedication and trustworthiness to anyone who asks because she’s got what it takes to organise anything well in my opinion.

Yolande continues to work unsupervised and although we have regular, sometimes daily communication, she is the star of the show and I fear she will be poached by someone else if we don’t look after her.

The other thing that I see happening is that through our increased engagement with community groups and our members is that the Chamber is being invited to participate as a partner in many different causes including:

Youth Steering Committee
CCA Futures Plan Workshops
Labour Party Breakfast
TCCI Chamber Alliance Luncheon
Penguin 7 Day Makeover
Penguin Action Group
Combined NW Chambers Discussions
#voteforsmallbusines campaign
Aspire Women Planning Meetings
Employer Of Choice Event
TCCI Training Workshops

I feel that this community participation is important and although it makes several of us very busy at times, the community is looking to us increasingly for support and inclusion and that our reputation as an active and engaged committee is proceeding us.

In saying this, I think that we must always measure the opportunities to partner with the question, “Does this support our aims to build a vibrant community which supports & promotes business & Commerce on the Central Coast?”

On a personal note, I wish to give our collective condolences to Jacki Martin on the passing of her mother and we look forward to her engagement with the committee as soon as she can.

Till Next Month,
Keep promoting & Supporting!

Nathan Kelly

CCCC&I President