Dear members, committee members and sponsors

 While we’ve had fewer events to attend this month, I’ve visited with many local business people and have heard some great stories & listened to their opinions and concerns.

What’s clear is that some businesses in our region are really prospering while others are struggling & this has got me thinking about three main themes and how we as a Chamber might be able to promote & support all businesses in our region.

 The first theme is visibility

I feel we should encourage all our members to become more visible and attractive to customers & potential partners in the area.

Encouraging each of our members to become more visible through on & offline channels will help their customers to find them easily & become more aware of their products, services & special events which our members are running.

 Let’s continue to help their visibility via word of mouth, through the chamber social media, website & our meet & greets.

 The second theme is education

 I feel that as a Chamber, we should move towards providing educational opportunities for our members in important areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, management and innovation.

I know for a fact that we have plenty of local experts in these areas who wouldn’t mind donating some time to our members to help them gain some clarity. We’ve got experts right here in our membership, so let’s use them to help support our members with some additional educational events such as workshops & seminars.

 The third theme is Inspiration

 Our members have told me that they really enjoyed listing to Chaz Kelly & John Briggs at the networking breakfast last month & so let’s call on all the other business leaders in our region and continue to provide further inspiration, insights and fresh ideas for our members.

What do you have to contribute?

 We know that you love our region as much as we do, but the fact is that it takes all of us to promote and support business on the Central Coast.

So how can you help us to make our region not only known for its lifestyle benefits but it’s economic ones also.  Can you volunteer some time on our committee, sponsor a special event, lend your expertise to our members or simply come along to all our events?

 We welcome your feedback and contribution to these themes & if you have any ideas on how you can help to promote & support commerce in the Central Coast region, we would love to hear from you.


Nathan Kelly

President & Chief Cheerleader

Central Coast Chamber of Commerce & Industry

 ph 04 88 661 355