Whenever I get asked, “What will the Chamber do for my business and why should I get involved”? I always smile, because the answer is so wide-ranging.

Our Chamber has changed so much in recent times and we figured that as the nature of business changes, so must we. So our committee, (all of whom are volunteers) give of their time to support and promote business in the Central Coast region.

We are all from different professions, but we all love our region and we love being in business, just like you.

The Chamber does many things behind the scenes which you may never see, but because you’re most likely busy at work today, I’ve grouped them into 4 main areas for you.

1. We provide a voice for your business.

We’ve got the relationships with the council and state government representatives to get your voice heard. If you need a meeting with a politician or counsellor about an important business issue, we can help you to arrange an appointment or put forward your concern on your behalf.

If you need your voice heard, just let us know and we will help you.

2. We’re here to support your business.

Business can be tough and getting the right help is essential.
Through our partners Switch Tasmanian and the TCCI, we provide free or inexpensive business assistance for our members.

We also have many members in taxation, insurance, marketing and accounting who provide professional services across our region.

Need some assistance with your business? All you have to do is reach and out ask for help.

3. We can help you to promote your business.

Looking to promote your business and build your network? Please let us know how we can help. With over 100 members and over 700 + on social media, we’re sure that we can help you to connect with the audience you need. New to town and need to get to know everyone in the business community? Get involved with the Chamber and we can introduce you around.

If you’re looking for promotional or sponsorship opportunities, contact Yolande our promotions coordinator.

4. We’re here to foster a vibrant business community in our region.

We hate long boring meetings as much as you do, and that’s why we love to work hard and play hard with events that we can all enjoy.

We have educational sessions, fun nights out, informative breakfasts and our annual business awards for you and your staff. We even have “Coffee with the Chamber” every Monday morning before work which is a great way to build relationships with your fellow business people and potential clients.

Want to join in the fun? Keep an eye out for our events.

We’re all in this together.

The Chamber is all about relationships. In a region like ours, it’s so important that we work together, share our knowledge and have each other’s backs.

Whenever I get asked, “What will the Chamber do for my business and why should I get involved”? I always smile, because what we’re building here is a community of business people who are working towards building an economically and socially strong community.

So perhaps it’s not what will we do for your business and more like what can we all build together for the benefit of all businesses on the Central Coast, it’s something to think about…

Why don’t you make it a priority to connect with me this week, attend one of our events or send us an email about how you can make our business community more stronger and more vibrant.


Talk Soon,

Nathan Kelly (President)

Central Coast Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

em nathan@7pmarketing.com.au

ph 0488661355